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i was looking through the comments on that Israeli protest post and for some reason a ton of people have a problem with the “more hummus les hamas” sign? I consider that the least possible problematic sign of them all….do yall really not even know what the hamas is and still think you can claim a valid opinion in this? because it sounds to me like people think hamas means palestinians or something…..the hamas is a terrorist organization that advocates the “cleansing” of all jews from the entire area over their own citizens safety……..i understand people seeing many of israels actions as evil but NEVER supporting the hamas….

Pearl Jam - Better Man
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Better Man // Pearl Jam


In Photos: Thousands Rally For Israel In NYC.

Thousands of people came by to express support for the Jewish state amid its military operation against Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.

maybe the real slim shady was the friends we made along the way

Pharrell on his time working at McDonald’s

my dream date is lying on the floor listening to fast car by tracy chapman and crying together

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
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"Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman

My crying song

all the best bands sound like they should have “the” before their name but dont…….talking heads…..grateful dead……