dude shit im not doing anything worthwhile and i can’t manage to form a single meaningful human relationship



There is truth to stereotypes, but this does not mean that somebody should feel pressured to follow one because it’s what society says they should do. A christian gay does not have to become agnostic. A femme does not have to become butch just to be seen as a lesbian (an issue known as Femme Invisibility). A masculine straight girl should not have to prove that she is straight by becoming feminine!

Stereotypes are not a tool for you to find out somebody’s sexuality or gender identity. 

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in my womens studies class the other day my teacher asked this girl what it means to her to be a woman and she didnt know what to say and i was trying to think about it and i cant come up with an answer? like its not like having a vagina is what being a woman is about and idk i cant really think of anything that is specifically defining in being one sex or the other its like sometimes i wish we all just identified as human beings instead of a certain gender/ethnicity/ religion whatever. cus like i can think of a million beautiful things that all humans share in their experience on earth and i dont want to separate myself from anyone by labeling each other idk does this make sense