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emoji daisies forever

the other day at work i slipped on water in the concession stand and my manager was like “really are you sure youre okay??”

me: “yeah im fine i fell right on my butt”

him: “thats what im worried about you aint got much cushioning there hunny”


you come into my house, you disrespect my problematic fave






we all have a favorite eyebrow

OMG one time cumbersome11 and our friend lauren (shaqulaa) and i were at an actual house party and we were all high and this guy walked up to the three of us and was like “are you guys ok youve just been standing there silently staring at each other for a while” BUT WE ALL THOUGHT WE WERE HAVING A REAL CONVERSATION


i remember i joined the “I Fucking Love Science” facebook fanpage just because i had a hot biology teacher substitute

yes-im-a-christian thank u i appreciate that  !

last week cumbersome11 and i smoked p*t and silently watched disney channel for 1.5 hours ?